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AT&T is now investigating a new way to find you and better locate users when using 911 emergency calls around the country, as it will use the device’s GPS location for its use. It will forgo the traditional way of using base stations to locate a user’s emergency call. It promises a better response time to the officials concerned for a particular case.

AT&T will use your device’s GPS for 911 emergency calls

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The huge mobile phone company has announced that it will focus on a new venture on the edge of location-based call routing to help first responders respond to calls for help and assistance. AT&T said it would forego the traditional use of cell towers for its response to locating people who made the call for help.

911 emergency calls use a call center agent who then helps locate their area through the many cell towers surrounding a specific location. He would then locate them at the location of the call and communicate it to first responders, who would then provide assistance on foot.

AT&T 911 Emergency Calls

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It would have better response time because call center agents would no longer need to triangulate or use cell towers to see where the call is coming from, but use the device to tell them where it comes from.

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Better response time and precise locations

According to Mac RumorsAT&T is leading the way to a safer society with better access to emergency responders and 911 calls, bringing a more accurate system than ever before.

Additionally, it will help people contact the emergency system without giving their location if their situation is already on a life or death configuration or when they are in danger.

AT&T and its take on cellular data

AT&T will take a massive amount of data once it uses the new configuration it will bring for 911 emergency calls because it can tap into a device and access precisely where it is coming from for better response. This would have mixed perceptions from the public, and feelings about it will contradict each other, especially since AT&T has a massive reach among its many subscribers.

The telecommunications company is best known for its decision to focus on 5G, the new frontier in data connections, as the company focused on improving its services for expansion. One of the most notable improvements AT&T has made is in the 5G C-Band spectrum that has brought their cell towers and signals to airports that could interfere with instruments.

Now, there would be a significant change that AT&T will bring to the public, and it is with access to the single location that it will border for the improvement of the 911 emergency call service.

Note that it was only AT&T that announced this venture, and it does not cater to all service providers, and those under its services will benefit from this enhancement each time they call 911.

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