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Robotic process automation company Automation Anywhere Inc. brings intelligence to contact centers, helping call center agents become more efficient by quickly bringing up the information they need to handle customer calls.

Automation Anywhere is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the rapidly growing RPA market, valued at over $ 6.8 billion. The company’s Automation 360 platform enables companies to create artificial intelligence-based robots that can take on many repetitive manual tasks in a business that are normally performed by human workers.

Bots work by observing how humans perform these tasks, which can include copying records to and from different business applications, for example. They themselves learn to replicate these workflows so that they can be automated in the future.

Today, the company hopes to implement these robots in enterprise call centers with today’s launch of Automation Anywhere for contact centers.

Automation Anywhere believes the contact center is ripe for RPA, noting how customer service agents typically need to interact with customers through multiple channels such as phone, SMS, chat, social media, and more. At the same time, agents have to browse through various applications, data sources, how-to guides, and other systems to find the information they need to deal with each customer.

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers aims to eliminate much of this hassle by helping agents find, retrieve, and update information quickly, with the goal of speeding service delivery and reducing wait times. The solution works by automating connections between multiple registration systems, including customer relationship management platforms and each customer’s interaction and payment history. It also integrates with authentication systems to help identify and then provide the agent with a complete view of each customer.

With that complete picture and access to all the information they need right at their fingertips, according to Automation Anywhere, agents will be better able to accurately respond to more complex requests. To help you, the solution even provides the best recommended AI-based actions. It also helps virtual agents go beyond simply answering simple questions and solving many customer issues without human intervention, the company promised.

As Mike Micucci, COO of Automation Anywhere, explained: “The last thing today’s big brands want to do is ask a customer to ‘wait please’ while their service teams scrambling to find account details, order history, or other information they need to resolve an issue. customer problem.

The company said early users of Automation Anywhere for contact centers have already seen a dramatic reduction in customer response times.

Manish Pandya, senior vice president of digital transformation at TaskUs Inc., an outsourcing company that handles content moderation for companies like Facebook Inc., said his company was able to improve average time handling customer calls with superior results. “By automating account verification, case summary notes, next step advice and after-call follow-up, we have improved the customer experience,” he said.

Automation Anywhere said its contact center offering is available now.

Image: roserodionova / Freepik

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