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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Burrell Behavioral Health will be the crisis call center for 988, the new suicide hotline.B

The center will serve 17 southwestern Missouri counties. He expects to receive about 3,000 per month.

“We have all the worries, that the worries could be someone who is actively suicidal, and they’ve just lost hope. And they are looking for one more voice that can bring them some kind of hope. Sometimes they need to talk,” said Andy Tate, supervisor of the Southwest Missouri Crisis Call Center.

When a person dials 988, they are directed to the Burrell crisis centre. If you have an area code that is not 417 or 573, you are directed to the crisis center for that area code. If you want, you can upgrade to Burrell.

“The reason for that is that it’s ruled by area code only. Now that’s a plus because the crisis line that perhaps answers for Hawaii (or another state) might know this person better. Maybe they have an established history, and maybe they’re a crisis line agency client. They can provide services, risk assessment, maybe have them defuse us Have a safe place, then transfer them to the Missouri hotline for their vacation,” said Natasha Corkin, director of the Crisis Center Southwest.

Burrell has increased its staff for the transition.

“It is expected that call volume will increase with the rollout of 988, just in general, the use of 988. However, there has not been any specific data that shows what this increase should look like. We have so just viewed it as adding more members to the team and expanding as much as possible to prepare ourselves,” Corkin said.

Burrell will also keep its support numbers open. You can find these numbers here.

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