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LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) — The expansion of a Louisiana call center company that provides security, health care and consulting services will bring 50 new jobs to the Acadiana area, it was announced Wednesday business and government officials.

The expansion of the CALLS PLUS multilingual call center in Lafayette was announced in a joint statement by Governor John Bel Edwards and company president Barbara Lamont. They said 50 new jobs will be added to the 37 already at the center.

The company’s primary clients are government organizations and its services include case intake, nurse triage, patient management, dispatch, and more. The company also supports school safety hotlines available in 10 states to report bullying, harassment and other behavioral health issues, according to Wednesday’s statement from the office of economic development. State.

The release says the company was founded in New Orleans in 1987 as New Orleans Teleport.

“CALLS PLUS chose to invest in Lafayette specifically because of the robust infrastructure provided by Lafayette Utilities System, which helped us transition from fiber landlines to Voice over Internet Protocol,” said Lamont.

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State incentives for expansion include the company’s use of the state FastStart program which provides free recruiting and training services, and the Enterprise Zone program which includes tax credits and rebates for job creation.

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