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MANILA, Philippines – In today’s business world, it is well known that outsourcing call centers to the Philippines can save businesses significant costs, making the Philippines the go-to outsourcing destination. Excellence for American Business since 2002.

“In just twenty years, call center outsourcing has become a lucrative industry for the Philippines, currently totaling $28 billion in annual revenue. This represents 8% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” said Ralf Ellspermann, Managing Director of award-winning PITON-Global call center outsourcing provider in the philippines.

US companies that outsource to offshore suppliers in the Philippines include industry heavyweights like Facebook, Google and American Express.

These brands don’t just cut costs by partnering with leaders call centers in the philippines. They also reap the added benefits of vastly improved customer experiences.

Value of quality customer service

Customer experience has become a crucial business strategy for companies in all industries and of all sizes.

“Today’s customers demand hyper-personalized service and effective interactions when resolving complaints and issues. In fact, 27% of consumers rate inefficient service as their number one customer experience frustration,” Ellspermann said.

“Statistics underline the importance of a great customer experience. Eighty-four percent of consumers believe that an exceptional experience is as important as a company’s products and services and 68% would pay more for an exceptional experience. Conversely, a single bad interaction can negatively affect customer feelings about a brand. Sixty-three percent of consumers will abandon a brand after just one negative encounter,” he added.

Given these facts, outsourcing to prime contact centers in the philippines makes logical business sense. But how does partnering with high-end call centers in the Philippines improve the customer experience?

An affinity for English

Close historical and cultural ties with the United States give the Philippines a significant advantage in the offshore BPO industry. Filipinos can confidently speak English, one of the country’s two official national languages. In fact, the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world.

This knack for fluency in English, coupled with Filipinos’ ability to speak with neutral accents, gives most Filipino call centers a skilled workforce tailored to communicate with customers.

“Their fluency in English allows for smoother correspondence, greatly reducing misunderstandings, a major source of customer frustration. Increased English language skills will only enhance a positive customer experience,” says Ellspermann.

Agent empathy matters

“Furthermore, Filipinos are well known for being courteous, patient and emphatic, traits that are critically important for customer interactions. Empathy helps agents connect with customers and makes them feel that their needs and concerns are important. A lack of emotion can lead to caller dissatisfaction with service and a brand,” Ellspermann explained.

Instead of potentially frustrating or irritating a customer, empathy can help defuse a stressful situation, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the customer experience.

Partnership with premium call centers

It is important to note that not all call centers in the Philippines are created equal. Premium call centers can afford to pay higher hourly wages that attract skilled, English-speaking talent.

This naturally gives them the advantage of wooing large US corporations willing to pay higher rates for top-notch service.

“High-end outsourcing providers may charge more for their services, but smart companies know the excellent return on investment is worth it,” Ellspermann said.

Invest in a premium service

For every business that emphasizes quality over price, just as many tries to cut costs by outsourcing to low-cost call centers. These low-end providers cannot match the salaries offered by high-end providers, so their agents often lack the professional and language skills necessary for effective customer service.

“In the long term, the detrimental effects that cheapness can have on crucial customer experience can be devastating to a company’s reputation and can ultimately become its bottom line. The evidence shows that call center outsourcing in the philippines works for businesses willing to invest in premium service,” concluded Ellspermann.