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There are so many instances where you may have encountered the Remote Procedure Call Service on Windows 11/10. We always say not to play with it by disabling PRC. You may have wondered what Remote Procedure Call service actually is? In this guide, we tell you what Remote Procedure Call service is and should you disable Remote Procedure Call service in Windows 11/10.

What is Microsoft Remote Procedure Call Service?

Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol that facilitates communication between Windows applications. It is designed as a communication protocol between applications either locally or over a network. Many Windows components like Active Directory, Device Manager, and other administrative tools on Windows communicate via RPC.

With RPC, a client process program can request a service from a program on another computer or on the server without understanding the network details. We find RpcSs in the Windows operating system that runs inside the host process, svchost.exe.

Can I disable the Remote Procedure Call service on Windows 11/10?


In a word, no. Disabling the Remote Procedure Call service is not recommended at all as it breaks the basic functionality of your Windows and its tools. To put it simply, by disabling it, you cut off communication between Windows applications that coordinate in the background and run your programs without any problems. It is better to keep Start type like Automatiquewhich is the default setting.

Many services on your Windows PC depend on RpcS. Without it, they all behave erratically and may even break your PC. So, do not disable it on your PC.

If the Remote Procedure Call service is using high CPU, you can fix it easily without disabling it in the following way:

  • Run System File Checker
  • Repair system image using DISM
  • Update network drivers
  • Run network troubleshooters
  • Troubleshooting in Clean Boot State
  • Use the Cloud Reset option to repair Windows.

Is it safe to disable remote procedure call?

No. It is not at all safe to disable the Remote Procedure Call service on your Windows PC as it is one of the vital components many services depend on. Disabling it will collapse any dependent services that may cause your PC to crash or behave erratically.

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Do I need the RPC service?

Yes, you need the Remote Procedure Call service for the proper functioning of your Windows PC. Major Windows services and applications communicate using the RPC service to give you the best Windows experience.

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Can I disable the remote procedure call service