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It’s been a busy week for Carnival Cruise Line, with many updates on its operations. We review all the latest developments.

The cruise line is sailing on its ships with more guests than ever since it restarted operations earlier this year, two more ships will start sailing before the end of the year, Camp Ocean reopens and Carnival has extended l ‘terminal test option through the end of the year. Finally, the company strives to resolve issues and issues that many customers face with its call center.

Navigations with increased capacity

Of course, ships aren’t sailing at full capacity, that stage is still a long way off, but the days of half-empty Carnival cruise ships are well and truly behind us. During the Thanksgiving period, Carnival ships sailed with more guests than ever since Vista Carnival was the first ship to resume operations back in July of this year.

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Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald said this during one of his posts online this week: “We have sailed with more guests on each vessel than we have had so far, we have also increased the capacity a bit. Certainly not at full capacity, although we could, if we want to sail at full capacity. “

Cruise lines have steadily increased their capacity on board in recent months; While it’s not entirely clear what percentage Carnival operates at, according to Heald, the company sails with higher percentages than any other company:

“We pride ourselves on carrying more guests than anyone else. And that’s because we have more customers who want to sail with us than any other cruise line.

Call center concerns are addressed

Many carnival guests struggled to go through the carnival help desk. Not only that, longer wait times and technical issues have all plagued cruise line call centers.

Miami Office of Carnival
Carnival Miami office (Photo credit: Eric Glenn /

This is largely due to the surge in passenger numbers over the past 6 months, while the increase in call center staff has been lagging behind, according to John Heald:

“It would be a mistake on my part not to apologize for the problems and concerns we had with our help desk and technical issues and sometimes longer wait times than there should be.” to have. Beards are well aware of this and of course like so many companies they are working hard to employ more staff, train them and get back to where we were before Covid and have the best help desk in the cruise industry. . “

Terminal tests

Most of the questions that the support department has faced in recent weeks are how customers can get tested before their cruise during the holiday season.

While Carnival has already confirmed that the home test provider will be available December 24-7, the cruise line also extended its tests to the terminal procedure as additional insurance for the guests.

Carnival cruise ships in Miami
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This test facility is available for passengers who were unable to obtain a test result before the start of their cruise and can get a last minute test before departing. Keeping in mind that this facility should only be used as a last resort and that reservations for testing are necessary. Testing at the terminal costs $ 100 and is on behalf of the guests.

Restart continues

More capacity doesn’t just mean more passengers on board, it also means more ships sailing. Carnival has been steadily increasing the capacity of its vessels over the past few months, with two other vessels to start in December of this year. Carnival sparkle will debut in California, and Carnival Conquest will begin operating in Florida.

Carnival Conquest cruise ship
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Both ships will begin operations on December 13. Carnival Conquest from PortMiami for a 4 day cruise to Princess Cays and Bimini, both in the Bahamas.

Carnival sparkle will make its long-awaited debut from Long Beach, Calif. with a 4-day cruise departing from Long Beach and heading to Isla Catalina, and Ensenada, Mexico, with a day at sea before returning to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal in California.

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Ocean Camp

On board Carnival Conquest, Carnival sparkle, or any other Carnival ship, the kids will once again be able to enjoy Camp Ocean. From December 10, Camp Océan will reopen for fully immunized children.

Carnival Camp Ocean

Heald said: “Camp Ocean opens next week and we are very excited. And when I say that we are not just the whole company, but in particular the staff of young people, those who have dedicated their lives to giving our children, your children, the best of times. And don’t forget that if you are fully immunized, your children will be able to use the ocean camp from next weekend. And I think it’s great.

Other updates regarding Carnival Cruise Line include the two canceled trips for Horizon Carnival. And new routes that have been published for the Carnival ships operating in Australia.

All in all, it’s been a good couple of weeks for the US cruise line, with more ships coming online, tweaking customer service in the call center, reopening Camp Ocean and more and more guests finding their way to a fantastic cruise vacation aboard one of Carnival’s cruise ships.

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