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CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) announced a market feasibility pilot project with startup Cue, an innovator in sales and service scripting software. The Cue solution provides credit unions with turnkey access to make call center staff more efficient and productive, improving staff turnover, reducing training costs and improving the overall member experience.

“CUE offers a powerful solution that aligns with our mission to help credit unions improve their bottom line while improving their relationships with their members,” said Barb Lowman, President, CSS. “We are excited to offer credit unions the opportunity to work with an innovative startup that provides a platform to address member experience and staffing; key elements of any successful call center.

“Over the past 3 years, credit unions have been challenged to meet the growing expectations of their members,” said Michael Wilson, Founder of Cue. “We’re on a mission to help credit unions do what they do best: improve financial lives and strengthen communities. We do this by equipping the credit union’s front line of service, its call center staff, with the tools they need to improve their work and the experience of their members.

Cue software allows call center staff to simplify what they are doing so they can focus more on what they are saying. Credit unions using Cue are able to orchestrate all necessary systems before, during and after calls. On average, the Cue overlay resulted in a 50% decrease in call times and a 21% increase in conversions.

Instead of forcing call center staff to switch between systems while serving a member, Cue brings all the solutions to the representative, resulting in better call compliance, performance reporting 5 stars and an overall streamlined process producing powerful stats.

For more information, visit Cue Provider Page.