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Hyderabad – Cyberabad police said on Thursday they dismantled the country’s biggest cyber fraud racket with the arrest of 28 members of two gangs, which operated call centers from the nation’s capital.

While one gang operated a fake State Bank of India (SBI) call center in Delhi, the other operated a call center in Noida by offering loans. The accused allegedly deceived people in different parts of the country to the tune of several crores.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravindra said he dismantled the SBI call center racketeering in Uttam Nagar in Delhi and arrested a gang of 14 members, including a woman. They were involved in 14 cases in Cyberabad police station and in 195 cases across India. They pretended to be SBI employees and deceived citizens to the tune of millions of rupees, he said.

The accused are Nikhil Madaan, Deepanshu Madan, Pinky Kumari, Rohit Mathur, Hitesh Chopra, Vikas, Sanjay Kumar, Prabhat Kumar Singh, Saksham Raj, Anuj Kumar, Sameer Mishra, Murshid Alam, Farman Hussain and Gourav Bharara.

With the exception of Alam and Hussain, who are from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh respectively, all of the accused are residents of New Delhi.

According to police, fraudsters have extensive banking experience and have collected data on SBI credit card holders from agents.

The main defendant Madaan established a call center in Uttam Nagar and took the credentials of resellers for impersonation applications like MoSIP and Silver Dialer. Scammers use these apps to generate calls through the desired number in order to conceal the original number. Using fraudulent calling apps, they contacted SBI credit card holders as employees of SBI by hiding the original customer service number. Then they collected card details and OTPs by misplacing customers in the name of activating card or deactivating insurance or increasing credit card limit etc.

Police opened the investigation after a man filed a complaint that he lost more than Rs 1.64 lakh after sharing his card details and OTP with the scammers, who contacted him to issue new credit cards when old cards were about to expire.

Police seized a four-wheeled vehicle, a bicycle, 30 cell phones, three laptops and a router from them.

Cyberabad Cybercrime Police also dismantled a bogus racketeering from a loan call center operating from Sector 63, Noida and arrested 14 people, including 7 women, for luring customers on behalf of Dhani Loan Bazaar .

The accused are involved in 9 cases at Cyberabad police station, 5 cases in other districts of Telangana and 13 cases in other states. They called out the citizens posing as real loan platforms and cheated them to the tune of several thousand rupees dollars.

Police opened the investigation after a man filed a complaint that the accused deceived him to the tune of Rs 2.17 lakh by offering him a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh.

Main organizer Abhishek Midhra flees. Rajendra Kumar is also an organizer.

The other accused are Brijesh Kumar Thakur, Akash Bhati, Nitin Kumar, Dileep Kumar (at large), Hemalata, Ritik Singh, Hemant Rawat, Radhika Yadav, Sadhana Kumar, Saraswati Halder, Kajal Singh, Nisha Varun, Kanchan Singh and Puthan. (IANS)