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#Kolkata: Kolkata Police have received information from confidential sources that bogus call centers are operating. A group is calling Fairly Place near Dharmatala every moment, a group is fooling those who answer the phone calls. Although the Kolkata police had information, there was a lack of opportunity for the operation.

A team from the Hare Street Police Station raided the offices of RB Trading Marketing and Republic Global Services in Fairlie Place on Tuesday and dismantled a fake call centre. Jayant Das, Ranit Das, Kunal Chakraborty, Tapas Brahm, Vikas Chandra Naha Roy, Shibu Samaddar, Neha Singh and Ipsita Das among others were arrested there.

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They were also shocked to find out that the police investigation team was investigating the operations of the fake call center during the operation. Forty cordless land phones, thousands of SIM cards, cell phones and false documents, among other things, were recovered. The investigation team learned that enthusiasts are known to be attracted to calls from different numbers. Sometimes calls are made through these bogus call centers offering low interest bank loans, or installing mobile towers or micro ATMs, etc. home.

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Huge sums of money were charged to different people in addition to service charges for various works. After receiving this money, the phone number was often closed. According to sources, many people have been deceived in this way. If a person asked for documents, they were given fake documents and fake links instead. Then there was no possibility to communicate with this organization. This plan was foiled by Kolkata Police’s Hare Street Police Station on Tuesday. However, after arresting the accused and further questioning, police speculate that the names of numerous fake call centers may emerge.

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