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FORT CARSON, Colo .– Mark Chamberlain, residential maintenance technician, Fort Carson Family Homes, repairs a light fixture at a home in the Cherokee Village neighborhood on post last summer. Residents of Fort Carson homes can now contact a 24/7 live service agent to record maintenance work orders and report issues.
(Photo credit: Scott Prater)


FORT CARSON, Colo .– Residents of Fort Carson Family Homes in Fort Carson should have an easier time recording work orders and scheduling maintenance with a new service supported by 24-hour live work order agents / 24 and 7/7.

Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC), the Post’s housing management partner, launched the new service for residents of Fort Carson Family Homes on March 1, 2021, and work order agents began answering questions and schedule maintenance appointments instantly.

“We now have a live agent who answers calls from our maintenance line and is able to enter resident work orders, schedule work orders and dispatch technicians on-site,” said Justin Mueller, manager. Regional Facilities Manager, Balfour Beatty Communities. “This is important because we are improving the overall resident experience and making sure residents have more certainty about when we will be there to make repairs. “

An important feature of the new service is its 24/7 functionality.

“We have received feedback from customers that it was sometimes difficult to place an order for work or to have someone on the phone,” Mueller said. “This program was something we looked at to help eliminate those challenges and concerns. This will be extremely beneficial and help streamline the work ordering process. This should help residents spend less time completing a work order – 3 to 5 minutes. Anything we can do to make this process easier for residents while addressing their concerns quickly (will be beneficial) and get us to a resident’s home within days. This is the goal of this whole program.

Previously, when residents called the Fort Carson Family Homes service line at 719 579-1065 during office hours, they contacted a work order agent at

Fort Carson. After business hours and during high volume calling hours, calls from residents were routed to a call center, which then sent messages to representatives of Fort Carson Family Homes.

As of March 1, 2021, all calls to the maintenance line are directed to live work order agents who are directly connected to the BBC work order system and can enter and schedule work orders, dispatch teams for urgent or emergency work orders, as well as provide status information on open work orders.

“Whatever residents call, whether it’s a water leak or a device problem, the work order will be entered into our system immediately and we will dispatch our teams based on priority. the work order and the availability of the residents, ”said Mueller. “If we receive a call for an emergency or an urgent request, we will send that information directly to a technician so they can respond quickly. If this is a routine request, we will record it in our system and schedule the appointment with the resident at the time the request is submitted, which is huge for us.

BBC executives said the new approach had been in the planning and implementation stages for some time.

“A significant investment has been made to improve our services to residents,” said Shawna Swanson, Army West Regional Property Manager for the BBC. “Justin (Mueller) has probably spent the last six months preparing all the data and features.”

Focusing the new work order officers on community-specific elements of Fort Carson Family Homes also required lengthy and focused training.

“Really, it’s nothing we haven’t done for our traditional work order administrators,” Mueller said. “Ultimately, we want to prepare our technicians for success when they come into a home, so we have follow-up questions and specific instructions that our work order officers review with residents. We want our service technicians to have the right parts on hand so they can fix the problem the first time and deliver the exceptional experience our residents have come to expect.

For now, the new 24/7 service is specific to Fort Carson, although BBC executives have indicated that the company is considering implementing the new strategy at other BBC facilities.

Additionally, housing management executives have made it clear that the new service does not replace any other platform that customers can use to record work orders and report urgent or urgent issues. Residents of Fort Carson Family Homes can still submit requests through the Rent Café app and online through the Residents Portal.

There are no special instructions for reaching the BBC by phone. Residents of Fort Carson Family Homes can continue to call 719-579-1065, as in the past, to record work orders or report problems.