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When I was 23, I recently received a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), Greco German, general manager & general manager of Motorola Mobility Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, joined the Golden Pages, which was part of the Telefónica group. “I first started working on a specific project as a marketing analyst for the tour guide, which originally was YPF, and Golden Pages had bought the rights to market them,” he says. .

The executive explains that Telefónica had a call center where the guides that were previously bought at gas stations were sold. There he worked for one to two months, tasked with helping a group of vendors and calling to offer the guide. “It really helped me understand the logic of selling from a database,” he says.

Soon after, an opportunity presented itself that was very avant-garde for the time. He tried to join the project of creating an online sales portal. “It was 1999 and the website and e-commerce boom was just beginning,” he recalls.

So, based on the Golden Pages guides, together with a group of engineers and developers, they worked on the creation of a website where those who hired the guide service also have access to a portal of base where they can put their business information with email, images or even sell products (depending on the plan they will hire). “It was a very advanced solution at the time, and it was fun and stimulating to be a part of this project on my first work experience,” he says.

Greco recalls that his expectations were to learn as much as possible and to work in the corporate world. “It left me with an amazing experience, especially the team that we built the website with from scratch when they were just starting to grow. It was something extraordinary, ”he concludes.

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