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The Ministry of Home Affairs has become the first Ugandan government ministry to launch a 24-hour global toll-free service center for members of the general public.

The call center was launched by the ministry’s permanent secretary, Lt. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu, at the ministry’s headquarters in Kampala on Friday.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for facilitating the legal and orderly movement of people to and from Uganda by issuing passports, regulating the residency of immigrants in the country, verifying and processing Ugandan citizenship and by applying national and regional laws on immigration for the development and security of Uganda.

Accordingly, General Musanyufu appealed to members of the public to make full use of the service in order to obtain all necessary information on the services offered by the Ministry of Interior.

“It has a complete, efficient and professional staff. We invite the public to use it. This call center should be used to find information on the services offered, on the status of the various applications, to give feedback on our services, to advise and above all to report security and human problems such as human trafficking, among others, which are national, regional and global threats to national security and development,” he said.

Lt. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu and other Interior Ministry officials inside the call service center.

The call center, Musanyufu said, will reduce corruption because it limits face-to-face interactions.

He assured members of the general public that the call center is a 24-hour free service and receives calls from all over the world.

“The assurance we can give as the Home Office is that our call center will be busy 24 hours a day. It’s not going to stop. This green number is open. You can call him from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where the caller came from. You can call from the country or from the diaspora,” he said.

“Our staff will be working in shifts to ensure that at all times it is open. So it won’t close,” he added.

A total of 16 trainee employees, 10 immigration employees and 3 support employees familiar with customer service were trained to work in the call centre.

The interior section of the call center.

Ministry spokesman Peter Mundeyi said all trainees who completed the first training program were given call center agent usernames and can access the system to answer any questions. members of the general public.

“We have a passport system, we have an immigration system among other things. All interns have access to webmail and will answer customer questions while handling the call,” he said.

A person has been designated to handle requests on social networks.

Call center numbers include; 0800199003 and 0800199004.