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How 3 Cyber ​​Scammers From Hyderabad Exploited A Fake Call Center To Cheat US Citizens

Cyber ​​crime police have arrested a gang of cyber crooks who were running fake call centers to trick foreign nationals through VOIP calls by posing as executives of reputable antivirus companies.

Mohammad Rafi Kavungal, Gandham Veera Rama Naresh, Kanithi Kalyan Chakravarthy from Hyderabad were previously engaged in the crypto business. It was around this time that the trio met Sandeep Sharma from West Bengal.

Sandeep then introduced Rafi, Naresh and Kalyan to three other West Bengal residents, Ryan aka Manish Gupta, Amarjeet Giri and Mohd Imran.

Together, they generated leads by sending emails to US nationals. The Hyderabad trio bought a fake email database from darknet websites and sent mass emails to US citizens mentioning a toll free number. It was a VOIP number and a service purchased on the darknet.

The Hyderabad men created mail templates as required and sent out the emails. Most of the times, the phishing emails were delivered in the name of a reputable antivirus company asking them to renew their services.

What happened?

On receiving the emails, the US nationals contacted the number, which was answered by the tele-callers working under the West Bengal men at the call center set up in Kolkata.

On receiving the calls from US citizens, the callers convince them to take their paid services and pay the amount through a payment app (email money transfer), gift cards and bank accounts in Peru, the United States. United States and Thailand. , and Singapore.

Additionally, gift cards were redeemed through Telegram channels and money from bank accounts was transferred through Bitcoins. The West Bengal team took care of the payments made in Bitcoins and split the spoils between the Kolkata and Hyderabad teams.

How was the gang dismantled?

On reliable information, Cybercrimes Wing Inspector K.Srinivas and his team raided Kolkatta Illegal Call Center and apprehended Mohammad Rafi Kavungal, Gandham Veera Ram Naresh, Kanithi Kalyan Chakravarthy.

They have been registered with a reputable e-commerce company as sellers to be projected as their legal business. Simultaneously, they were doing the illegal activity of sending mass emails from fake IDs to foreign nationals to generate leads (incoming calls) from those foreign nationals to the illegal call centers located in Kolkata (operated by Ryan aka Manish Gupta).

They were charging Rs.250 per call received and a 25% commission on the amount of the transaction collected by the call centers by deceiving foreign nationals.

There are various call centers run by Ryan alias Manish Gupta to generate incoming calls to his call centers. Vendors send bulk emails and SMS and run Google Ad words. Recipients of such emails/SMS, especially foreign nationals, call the phone number mentioned in such emails and SMS. Ryan aka Manish Gupta and his team convinced the callers to buy or renew the license of the antivirus software and charge them for this service.

The defendants were convicted under Sections 419, 420, 468 r/w 34 IPC, 66 C&D IT Act, 2008 Cyber ​​Crime.