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Customers increasingly expect personalized and effortless interactions with businesses. As the need for exceptional customer service continues to increase, businesses must opt ​​for AI-powered solutions to stay competitive.

It has always been difficult to predict customer behavior. With the advancement of technology, customer expectations have rapidly increased. Their demand for a seamless experience was further exacerbated in the aftermath of the pandemic, with digital being the only means of communication. However, delivering a great experience doesn’t mean brands should opt for automated technologies throughout their customer journey.

Instead of oversimplifying their customers and treating them like numbers, brands should appreciate the uniqueness of each of them. But doing it is easier said than done. It requires the brand to have advanced data solutions in place that ignore the potential for upsell or even churn lurking in the background. Infiniti’s Enterprise Behavioral Pairing technology is one such advanced data solution that helps the marketing team understand the value of their customers. It enables organizations to navigate through ever-changing customer behavior and develop strategies that empower customers.

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“During this major digital breakthrough, we’ve seen that humans prefer humans when interacting with customer service and that these interactions are generally more successful than their automated counterparts,” says Julian Lopez-Portillo, Head of Customer Service. new products, Afiniti. He further adds: “If you take a cursory look at your track record, sending customers digital looks good because you’re saving money – but that doesn’t really factor in revenue and loyalty. It is essential not to make decisions based on the initial cost of serving a customer and instead focus on the revenue that a customer could generate over the long term.

Why consider an enterprise behavioral matching solution?

With customer behavior constantly changing, it is difficult to predict and follow a decision-making pattern. However, this is not the case with the Afiniti solution. Our behavioral matching technology takes data about clients and agents in order to match them based on the best possible outcomes. says Julian Lopez-Portillo. He adds, “It’s a bit like matchmaking for the customer experience, and it’s a big revenue booster for businesses. This basic concept of creating optimal matches is versatile enough to be applied in many different situations. “

“Businesses have big data sets about their customers, and we’re not the only ones using them to improve the customer experience. Where we are unique is in the sophistication of our analysis. Our AI modeling takes place in real time. It takes the available data, secured behind the customer’s firewall, and asks: What is the customer’s intention when contacting customer service and what are the possible outcomes of interacting with an agent? This is an acceptable but significant difference from viewing the customer as a static product of historical data.

The other big advantage of Behavioral Pairing technology is its measurability. At Afiniti, it’s run intermittently throughout the day to measure the difference between when the service was used and when it wasn’t, giving organizations very clear data on its effectiveness.

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Integrate it into the infrastructure

Afiniti pushes as much as possible to the native integration of corporate behavioral association solutions. Julian Lopez-Portillo says: “We encourage native integration as much as possible. We are a managed service, so once the implementation is complete, we continue to work closely with our customers on a seamless integration. Additional integrations will only increase the effectiveness of behavioral coupling and we are working closely with our customers to implement these as well. “

“We know CIOs get nervous about the cost in time and money of implementing systems. But Afiniti usually bears these costs, not our customers. We then take a percentage of the increase that our customers make. And these numbers can be quite significant.

The future of behavioral matching

Afiniti plans to expand its behavioral coupling solution beyond call centers and release it in all kinds of places. The organization is currently exploring self-service AI solutions for small contact centers to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

“Another issue we’re looking at is how to help an agent make offers at the right time and in the optimal order,” says Julian Lopez-Portillo, “it’s clearly a data issue – an issue in which the ‘AI is going to be able to increase human performance. We can look even further, beyond the knowledge of the agent’s domain and the deals on the table, and ask if there are any aspects of the behavior of the agent that could play a role in a successful outcome.

“We’re pretty excited to know where we’re at. Our Behavioral Matching is cutting edge technology for modeling and understanding human behavior, as well as delivering precisely measurable business value, including huge increases in revenue. We believe it will be an integral (and seamlessly integrated) part of the customer experience landscape, ”concluded Julian Lopez-Portillo.

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