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Kolkata: Police in Kolkata have arrested 12 people for allegedly deceiving foreign nationals, especially US citizens, into offering to sell them various products and services. The arrest was made after cops raided and dismantled an illegal call center operated out of the Regent Park area.
Police say the main defendant, Bijay Shaw (26) of Taratala Old Colony, and 11 other culprits have been arrested. Cops seized 12 hard drives, 12 cell phones and two laptops from their possession, The Indian Express reported.

“Acting on a tip off, a raid was carried out on the ground floor of Ganesh Bhawan in the Chandi Ghosh lane of Kolkata on the night of June 16-17. No fewer than 12 people have been detained for running an illegal call centre. The accused used to deceive foreign nationals,” a senior police officer said.

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Fake call center dismantled in Gurugram three arrested

Fake call center dismantled in Gurugram, three arrested

In 2020, a history leafter, Sk Vinod, was arrested by Regent Park Police for allegedly running an illegal call center in Azadgarh, following which police dismantled two other bogus call centers operating from Pratapaditya Road in Tollygunge and Metropolitan Cooperative Building in Pragati Maidan. Police said, “Over the past few years, several bogus call centers have been busted in Bengal, especially in the capital.”
Recently, Gurugram Police dismantled an illegal call center operating out of a house in the residential area of ​​Palam Vihar in Gurugram on June 16. In a similar case, the call center mainly used to deceive foreign nationals under the guise of technical assistance, the asserted. While deceiving their customers, they presented themselves as a service provider of the company.
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