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Nigerians seek justice for businesswoman Peju Ugboma and Lagos State Emergency Management Agency call center agent Omolara Omoyajowo, both of whom died of an alleged negligence on the part of doctors and nurses at two different private hospitals in Lagos and Ogun states.

However, the Lagos State Health Facilities Supervision and Accreditation Agency said an order had been given for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Peju’s death.

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HEFAMAA_LASG tweeted, “The Honorable Commissioner @LSMOH, @ProfAkinAbayomi, had led @HEFAMMA_LASG; the agency charged with the responsibility of accrediting, monitoring and inspecting all public and private health facilities in the state, conducting an appropriate investigation into the event to establish the facts of the case and ensure the #JusticeForPeju with a view to preventing such unfortunate incidents in the future. “

PUNCH Metro learned that Peju died after undergoing botched surgery for a fibroid-related disease at Premier Specialists’ Medical Center on Victoria Island, Lagos.

A letter purportedly from Peju’s family, which was all the rage online, explained the circumstances surrounding the pastry chef’s death.

According to the letter published on Twitter through @aderonkeige, Peju suffered internal bleeding after the operation.

The letter read in part, “An independent autopsy performed by pathologists from LASUTH in the presence of credible observers and Premier Hospital revealed that Peju was suffering from internal bleeding. It was discovered that she had about two liters of blood in her abdomen and pelvic area.

“The family revealed that Peju was admitted to Premier Specialists Hospital on Thursday, April 22, 2021 to perform elective surgery for a fibroid problem… COVID-19 tests. Her vital signs were correct and she had no pre-existing conditions. before surgery.

The family of the deceased reportedly made a 1 million naira deposit for the surgery in front of four doctors, identified as Akinsiku, Iwuh, Asemota and Renner, and other medical staff at the hospital operated on the mother of two on Friday 23 April 2021.

“Peju’s husband saw her after the operation on Friday and she complained of severe abdominal pain and discomfort, which he said was not unusual for someone who had just come out of the hospital. ‘surgery,», We read in the letter.

It was learned that when Peju’s condition deteriorated, she was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit after her husband paid an additional 1.5 million Naira.

“Peju kept complaining of severe pain and her eyes had turned yellowish. Around midnight that Saturday, she was intravenously sedated. On Sunday at 6:30 am, her husband was surprised to learn that his wife had been placed on a ventilator. Dr Renner told her that her condition had deteriorated overnight “, the letter read.

PUNCH Metro learned that the management of Premier Specialists’ medical center moved Peju to Evercare Hospital in Lekki Phase 1 for a CT scan and dialysis.

The letter added, “Immediately after arriving there, she was greeted by their medical team and taken to intensive care. Her husband was asked to pay another N1m to Evercare, and he made the payment immediately.

“The head of the intensive care unit detected that Peju had no pulse and emergency CPR began immediately. This failed and she was pronounced dead on Sunday at 2:20 p.m. It is clear that Peju bled inside from the Friday after the operation until the Sunday she died.

When contacted, a representative from the hospital whose name Truecaller revealed as Eghonghon Olawepo-Adeoti (Dr Onyebuchi Nse), said, “I’m sorry, I have no comment regarding this particular incident. I have no information for you. I have no information to discuss with you on this subject.

Similarly, Omolara, a patient with peptic ulcer disease, reportedly felt severe pain when she rushed to the Beachland Specialist Hospital, Arepo, in the Obafemi Owode local government area. of Ogun State, to be treated there.

Omolara’s friend, identified simply as Ayomide, lamented the lack of an ambulance and allegations of ill-treatment by doctors and nurses at the hospital.

She tweeted, “My friend Lara had an ulcer attack… Her condition worsened in the evening… The doctor chose to put her on admission, so I rushed over to her house to choose the things she would need. When I returned, I met her and a nurse who was giving her injections in the hospital ward.

Lara insisted that she couldn’t breathe well. Her condition continued to worsen… Lara had passed out when another doctor entered stating that she was in critical condition.

“We asked her to be put on oxygen but they were reluctant to get it, I went to the emergency room to get oxygen … Lara was put on oxygen …

“They said the oxygen they had couldn’t last until 3 hours… The hospital had to refer her. They told me to ask someone to come and pick us up because the hospital ambulance is not available. We finally got someone around 2:30 am.

“I thought they would let us go with the oxygen, a nurse only took it to the car door and put it in her nostrils for a while, I even thought she was going to come with it.” we. They left us and told Lara’s neighbor to move at “highest speed”.

“When we arrived at LASUTH, the doctors from the medical emergency announced Lara’s death and they filled out a ‘BID’ (Brought in dead) form. Lara is dead! She died on my knees and in my arms.

When PUNCH Metro visited Beachland Specialist Hospital on Sunday, Chief Medical Director Dr Abdul-Lateef Ademola said: “After receiving treatment for ulcer and malaria, she returned home healthy. When she returned with difficulty breathing, she was placed on oxygen and given medication. The persistent difficulty in breathing indicated that the ulcer was not the problem.

“We immediately referred her to LASUTH for specialist care and confirmed that she may have a myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism. Our ambulance driver was unreachable; so her friend organized an alternative means of transportation.

“We couldn’t let them go with the oxygen because we had already depleted our oxygen by treating her. We’re awaiting an autopsy report.

Reacting to incidents, @deejayneptune tweeted, “Nothing seems to work perfectly in Nigeria more, it doesn’t make sense at all. There is no assurance of doing it overnight, very sad. #JusticeForPeju #JusticeForOmolara.

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