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Rochelle Fuller moved to Sallisaw from Denton, Texas because she loved Oklahoma and decided to find work in Sequoyah County because “the land is nice here and cheaper than in Texas,” said she declared.

Last week, Fuller was among many others, including her son who found work at a new call center in Sallisaw called Communication Solutions LLC, or CSLLC, located at 1900 E. Cherokee Ave.

The company, which purchased and refurbished the former Stage Store, is a provider of business-to-business and business-to-business call center services. According to company officials, the company started with a call center in 1996 and Sallisaw will be their seventh location.

Prior to hiring, the CSLLC indicated that it would create over 150 jobs over the next five years at the Sallisaw location with competitive wages and benefits. Company representatives said they would also invest more than $350,000 to develop an outbound call center.

Site director Charity Linton said Monday that hiring began in December. Newly hired employees were undergoing training and are expected to start making calls on Thursday.

“It’s basically sales and we currently have a business where we sell home phone lines, internet and other services. Unfortunately, we do not provide home phone service locally at this time, so most of our calls are out of state,” she said.

“We’ve done a lot of hiring, but we need more. At this time, I don’t cap the number of people we hire. The qualifications are that they don’t need to be tech savvy because it’s on-the-job training so we provide them with the training, mostly reading a script, and whatever else they will need to do the job,” she said, noting that new recruits are paid during training.

Linton said anyone interested in applying can go to and apply online.

Pay is between $11 and $13 per hour and great benefits such as 401K, dental and vision insurance will be included.

Linton said some jobs may include working from home.

“It was a pleasure working with Communication Solutions to establish their new call center in Sallisaw. They have a history of creating job growth in all the communities where they operate, and we expect the same here in Sallisaw. This is another benefit for Sallisaw, and again we have shown what partnerships can do for a community,” said Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton.

Fuller said she was thrilled to have found work at Sallisaw and was looking forward to starting her new job.