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NovelVox Agent Desktop for Cisco Call Manager

In the current scenario, the call abandonment rate increases due to technological constraints and other factors. But it is imperative to satisfy the customer as soon as possible and allow skeptical thoughts to accumulate. It is a critical moment for brands to sustain their customer base. Understanding the emergency, NovelVox’s integrated UCM connector and agent desk are designed to deliver on-the-ground productivity every day. The auto / predictive dialer offered by this custom connector is a smart solution for the smart agent operating from home.

NovelVox Agent Desktop for Cisco Call Manager allows agents to access customer information and essential call management elements on a single screen so they can focus on the conversation, without switching applications, even in an environment working from home. They ensure the business can deliver a personalized experience with reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) as the agent can view customer information even before answering the call through seamless application integration. third parties. Call Manager extends smooth work from home to agents operating from anywhere in the world.

NovelVox’s custom CTI connector for UCM integrates into the CRM application for custom telephony solutions. To make customers feel important in this phase, NovelVox has focused on the integration that equips agents by bringing the required customer information to the screen before even answering the call. This CTI call manager has all the other CTI features including click to dial, smart dialing, directory and more.

CEO of NovelVox, Amit Gandhi says, “NovelVox continually strives to improve the agent and customer experience. The year 2020 has brought new challenges for all of us. To support businesses and customers, we’re here with our extensive work-from-home solutions for UCM. The integration of Cisco Call Manager with CRM will allow agents to deliver a seamless customer experience, even from their homes. In this time of increased call volume and higher abandonment rates, we are focused on creating solutions that the agent works on to make every call a success. We don’t want agents to get stuck with manual dialing, logging in every time, screen swapping for customer information, etc. This frustration is a major obstacle to providing an enjoyable customer experience. We want contact / call centers to get the most out of the CTI call manager.

This NovelVox Agent Desktop and Custom CTI Connector for CUCM can work seamlessly even from your office floor once things are back on track. Agents are freed from the stress of learning new apps every other day, but focus only on calls.

About NovelVox

NovelVox is a global software company that has developed flexible and optimized software Contact center agent workstations and Wall panels for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and Five9 for over 11 years. NovelVox has a comprehensive library of Cisco Finesse integrations with solutions for over 70 applications. The Novelvox Cisco Finesse Gadget Designer is the world’s only drag-and-drop Finesse gadget designer, allowing businesses to build their perfect agent environments as needed. With over 150 global deployments across industry verticals including banking, telecommunications, healthcare, government, education, and retail, NovelVox has the experience to create custom solutions for all industries.

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