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DOHA: Prime Minister and Interior Minister HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani has launched the Emergency Call Service (Aunek) presented by the Technical Affairs of the National Command Center (NCC) of the Ministry of ‘Interior.
The service aims to provide assistance to the elderly, people with special needs and people with chronic illnesses in emergency situations through the use of a special device with high-tech features.
Through the service, people who cannot use the emergency contact number (999) can use the device and the data can be identified with the location by the use of Najm service connected to NCC. Technical Affairs explained that the center operates through two systems. The first is a voice communication system that ensures that voice complaints reach the operating room via 999. This is the first such service in the region.
The second is the Unified Geographical System (Najm) which receives complaints and directs them to the relevant agencies for direct action.
Najm won Best System Developed at the Middle East Forum in 2012 and won the Geographic Data and Excellence Award from the American Systems Research Institute in 2013.
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