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Riyadh A unified call center to provide services to premium residence (Iqama special privilege) holders will be established in the near future. The Premium Residency Center (PRC) is in the process of concluding a contract with an information technology company to operate the Unified Call Center (UCC), Al-Watan newspaper reported.

The PRC seeks to achieve the strategic operating objectives of UCC, which will provide services to clients of all categories, whether individuals or government entities or private organizations. CRP looks forward to UCC making a significant contribution to improving the quality of services provided to its clients.

UCC is one of the most vital projects that play an important role in improving customer experience and satisfaction. Therefore, the PRC looks to companies with extensive experience to operate the center in a way that takes care of customers, receives and responds to their inquiries, and resolves any issues they encounter in the best possible way.

The PRC was created following the approval of the Premium Residence System by the Council of Ministers on 14 May 2019 and the publication of the Royal Decree in this regard. It supports those who wish to obtain the Saudi Premium residence, through its system of electronic services and its various sections. The center can have direct communication with customers from anywhere.

The new green card-style premium residence is primarily aimed at qualified entrepreneurs, investors and expatriates, and its most important feature is that it does not require a Saudi sponsor or employer.

Holders of the Premium Residence benefit from several rights and advantages. They can stay in the Kingdom with their family members, including spouses and children, who are no older than 21. They are not required to pay dependent expenses for their family members.

Premium Residence holders can obtain visit visas for their relatives, which include fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers and their children, as well as brothers, sisters and their children, and all other parent that the PRC deems to be added. They can recruit domestic workers according to their needs.

Premium Residence holders can own real estate units for residential, commercial and industrial purposes in all cities and towns of Saudi Arabia, except for the holy cities of Makkah, Madinah and border areas.

However, they can invest in real estate units in Mecca and Medina for periods of up to 99 years. This is in accordance with a deed of usufruct issued by the notary public, and this right is transferable by transferring it to third parties.

They may own private means of transport and any other movable property legally authorized to be acquired in the Kingdom. They can work in private sector establishments and freely change jobs, except in occupations reserved for Saudis.

Premium Residence holders can exit and enter the Kingdom freely and can use special passport offices designated for Saudi citizens at airports. They can also engage in business activities that comply with foreign investment regulations.

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