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Saudi Arabia’s 937 call center received more than eight million calls in the first half of 2022 with an average satisfaction rate of 89.56%, the official Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday.

The toll-free system that connects to the Ministry of Health provides medical consultations by telephone, information on COVID-19, the location of health centers and blood donation, among other services.

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The SPA said the 937 call center received a total of 8,794,473 calls in the first half of 2022, including 2,515,502 calls for medical consultation.

The center employs over 1,000 staff to deliver the service.

The service is also available on Twitter, also by e-mail 24 hours a day. It has also taken over the WhatsApp service, which allows users to administer all health services through instant chat through the number 92005937.

This feature should make it easier to access health services, including nearest health center information, appointment scheduling, disability assistance, and COVID-19 vaccine information.

Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in the health sector.

The Saudi Ministry of Health and the US Department of Health have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will strengthen the nations’ commitment to public health during US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom.

The agreement will bring greater collaboration in capacity building, disease surveillance, public health promotion policies and health information systems.

The Kingdom also regularly employs its best doctors to separate conjoined twins.

A team of 28 Saudi doctors managed to separate Yemeni twins in a five-hour surgery, SPA reported in July. It was apparently the 52nd time that conjoined twins have been successfully separated in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has made great strides in its vaccination campaign, with more than 66,700,629 doses administered, according to the health ministry.

Similarly, in the case of monkeypox where three have been reported in the country so far, the Kingdom has reassured everyone that the case is being treated medically in accordance with approved health procedures, on top of that, all contacts have been counted.

The ministry said it would continue its work monitoring and tracking the progress of monkeypox disease and would transparently announce any reported cases, indicating its willingness and ability to deal with any development of the disease.

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