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daon has in partnership with Neustar to augment the fraud detection capabilities of its IdentityX biometric authentication platform in a call center environment.

Neustar’s Authentication Plus and Account Link solutions provide automated probabilistic analysis to assess the fraud risk of phone calls and the devices used to make them, through a process called Automatic Number Identification (ANI) validation.

For call centers, the integration of Neuster’s ANI technology into IdentityX will ensure that incoming calls undergo real-time inspection to filter out fraud attempts based on call spoofing. Daon and Neustar say the process can significantly reduce the need for an agent to verify the caller, saving time and money.

“By integrating Neustar’s ANI validation and matching technology into our IdentityX contact center solution, we are better able to protect our customers from the onslaught of fraudsters,” said Daon President Ralph Rodriguez.

Daon’s voice authentication technology will remain in place to positively identify legitimate customers. Tom McNeal, vice president and general manager of public sector and partner channel at Neustar, noted that customers of both companies would benefit from a more comprehensive and powerful solution to mitigate the damage of inbound call fraud by adding a Passive voice authentication to the workflow seamlessly allowing contact center representatives to focus on that customer’s needs instead of having to challenge their authenticity. »

The news of the partnership comes after that of Daon appointment of Ralph Rodriguez, a series entrepreneur and Gulf War veteran, as its new product manager. The company also recently announced a partnership with blockchain identity startup Gateway ID Africa, which will see its biometric technology used for identity verification on the emerging platform of the latter.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)