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Over the years, vehicles have become another space for relaxation and work. The pandemic cemented the idea of ​​workspaces in cars. Tesla’s cabins have become one of the most versatile spaces, in part thanks to the infotainment system in its vehicles.

Tesla Model S owner and Mass Luminosity CEO Angel Munoz always believed his infotainment system could be put to better use.

For almost a year, Munoz has been working on Beacon 4 Tesla, an on-board videoconferencing service. Recently, Munoz invited Teslarati to join him and Beacon Senior Vice President of Technology Teodor Atroshenko for a video conference inside his Tesla Model S.

“The process, the way it works, is when you first set it up, you walk into your Tesla, you launch the browser, you type in the It shows you a QR code. scan the QR code with your Beacon app and that automatically connects you to your car, then as soon as you join the call, the call basically shows up on the screen there, ”Atroshenko described.

How the 4 Tesla beacon works

Munoz explained that Beacon 4 Tesla mainly works through the driver’s phone at the moment.

“The phone offers three features. Number one, it plays the sound that [the Tesla passenger is hearing] through the car speakers. Two, you use the microphone [of the phone via bluetooth]. And third, it plays the video it receives on your Tesla, ”Munoz explained.

“So mainly it’s the phone. Think of it like that, it’s mostly the phone right now since we don’t have access to on-board computers and all that, ”he said.

(Credit: Beacon 4 Tesla)

The final candidate for Beacon and Beacon 4 Tesla will be available in June. The services will officially launch on July 7, 2021. However, Beacon’s services are currently available free of charge for conference calls with up to six people.

Tesla owners interested in trying out the Beacon 4 Tesla can also use the service. Follow the instructions below:

1. Install the Beacon mobile app on your iOS ( and / or Android ( device.

2. Create a new Beacon account or log in to an existing account.

3. Tap the menu icon (vertical ellipses) in the upper right corner and select “Sync contacts”. This creates a quick list of people to call. Read the Beacon privacy policy at

4. Now launch Tesla’s web browser and go to The screen will now show a unique QR code.

5. On your Beacon mobile app, tap the menu icon (vertical ellipses) and select “Scan Beacon Code”. Point your mobile phone’s camera at the QR code. You will be prompted to confirm the connection to your Beacon account.

6. You are ready! While your Tesla is parked, tap the webcam icon next to any contact name on your Beacon app to initiate a video conference call in your Tesla.

For more information on Beacon®, visit

Tesla App Store for Developers

Munoz and Atroshenko believe the Beacon 4 Tesla could provide a much better experience if the on-board video conferencing service had access to the on-board cameras currently active in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid will have cameras. in front of the cab and a more powerful infotainment system. Plaid Tesla vehicles also have surround speakers and noise canceling features, technologies that can make in-car video conferencing calls very immersive.

“We would sign any deal with him [Elon Musk], if he just gives us access. And then it would be a much better experience because everything is linked, there would be an app on the Tesla instead of the outside of the Tesla, ”Munoz said.

Munoz and Atroshenko’s willingness to work with Tesla on Beacon’s in-car conferencing service suggests that maybe it’s time for automaker EV to consider developing a dedicated Tesla App Store for third-party developers.

Munoz and Atroshenko did not originally intend to create Beacon 4 Tesla. They were simply drawn to the challenge of conducting video conference calls through Tesla’s infotainment system.

(Credit: Tesla)

Atroshenko listed some of the challenges they faced while making Beacon 4 Tesla.

“We are making the most of the situation,” let’s put it that way. Because we can’t access the camera in Tesla. And the camera is not [an] HD camera. It gets the big picture from the inside out, but fundamentally it falls short for video conferencing, at least not in this iteration. So I hope that the next cameras will be better, the ones facing the interior, ”Atroshenko said.

After putting so much effort and work into the challenge, Munoz and Atroshenko want to share their work with all Tesla owners.

“Beacon 4 Tesla is free, so it comes bundled with BeaconX. This is our gift to Tesla and Elon Musk, ”Munoz said. BeaconX is the conference calling service the pair developed for laptops, phones, and other devices.

The work of Munoz and Atroshenko suggests that more app developers might be interested in building apps specifically for Tesla vehicles.

Tesla delivered nearly 500,000 vehicles last year, despite the pandemic, and is expected to deliver nearly a million cars in 2021. Tesla has so far introduced a few in-car apps that drivers can use.

During the Q2 2020 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk and CFO Zachary Kirkhorn hinted that Tesla will launch a dedicated App Store once fully autonomous driving is ready and the company has a few million dollars. vehicles on the road. However, productive apps like Beacon 4 Tesla could be useful for Tesla passengers now.

Teslas used in ride-sharing fleets could benefit from an app store, as the apps could either entertain or make the commute more productive for passengers. Tesla apps can also be useful for people who are planning to rent Tesla vehicles, especially for those who are on a business trip or on long family vacations traveling by car.

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Tesla Video Conferencing Service Shows Developers Ready For Tesla App Store