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Resolving issues in a single interaction is a top priority for customers. DesignRush has determined the best call center companies that help businesses provide prompt customer service.

MIAMI, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — According to Microsoft, more than a third of customers expect customer support agents to resolve their issues in a single interaction. And this demand for better customer service is only growing as 55% of customers expect companies to improve their customer service every year. Although there are many new channels to achieve this, voice remains the most preferred, making the demand for call center services ever so high.

DesignRusha B2B marketplace connecting businesses with specialist agencies, released June’s list of the best call center companies that can help businesses provide better customer service.

The best call center companies in June 2022 are:

1. Idi Oumarou –
Expertise: virtual assistance, French transcription, technical support and more

2. Adelina Call Center –
Expertise: telemarketing, telephone surveys, help desk and more

3. HelloSells –
Expertise: capturing leads, qualifying and transferring leads, making appointments, etc.

4. Altius Customer Services Private Limited –
Expertise: appointment scheduling, telesales, order taking and more

5. Etech Global Services –
Expertise: live chat services, speech analytics, omnichannel customer experience and more

6. Maxicus –
Expertise: cloud contact center, chatbots, knowledge management, etc.

7. Servixer –
Expertise: transcription services, inbound call outsourcing, outbound call outsourcing and more

8. Executive Store –
Expertise: telemarketing, customer service, lead generation and more

9. In2com –
Expertise: customer service, lead generation, technical support and more

10. Force Plus –
Expertise: Lead generation, lead management, telephone prospecting and more

11. The Telemarketing Company –
Expertise: lead generation, call management, appointment scheduling, etc.

12. Direct Line Response –
Expertise: 24-hour live response, employee presence line, live virtual receptionist and more

13. 3D2B –
Expertise: lead generation and qualification, appointment scheduling, response management and more

14. Odondo –
Expertise: customer service, sales support, market research and customer surveys, etc.

15. Ossisto –
Expertise: virtual assistance, email management, social media management and more

Brands can explore the best call center companies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

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