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Frémont, California: Small businesses face a tough economic climate and the ongoing pandemic has not been good for them. These problems are caused by various factors including lack of funding, lack of site work, office closures and others. Customer demands are constantly changing, regardless of the size of the business, and there is no one way to meet them. Small businesses have struggled to keep pace, especially when their entire workforce is being rejected at home.

Many offices have moved their call center operations to cloud-based solutions. However, it was difficult to keep up with this sudden change and this influx of demands. The challenges of call centers are indeed at an all time high, especially for these small businesses. With these considerations in mind, we have selected the two call center challenges that small businesses may face.

The New Normal – Work from Home

Previously, few employees chose to work from home because of personal issues. This means that companies primarily train their employees to work from home. Businesses weren’t prepared for such a sudden change. This required the adaptation of many on-site engineers and call center agents. This slowed down operations, customer service, and other supplier-related tasks.

Nonetheless, we have been dealing with the coronavirus for over a year and businesses must seek reliable cloud infrastructure. Small businesses, which are less likely to be prepared for such scenarios, need to embrace a new model of working from home that meets their business needs as well as specifics such as data security. It will ensure business continuity and scalability in all situations.

Cloud call centers are a huge relief as they allow you to work from anywhere, but there are a number of factors you need to be aware of such as network speed, outages, and security on both ends. The C-Zentrix cloud enables many small and medium businesses to implement the WFH model.

Not enough contact center solutions

Small businesses are less likely to use popular contact center solutions. However, we all know that a contact center cannot function properly if the right technology is not in place. The majority of your call center problems will be solved by a flexible CRM solution with telephony integration. C-Zentrix offers different subscription plans depending on the size and needs of the business.

Agents will work more effectively with customer context and call center controls on a single platform, making customers more satisfied.